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Zen Microgreens Salad Recipe.JPG

power up every day with a burst of flavor & essential vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.

from salads, juices and smoothies

to tacos, burgers, pizza and more...

check out more ideas below to incorporate

new day farms™ microgreens

into any snack or meal.

Click here to share your suggestions for featured recipes... we love to get creative!
top off your eggs
Chickpea-Salad-Microgreen Bagel_edited.j
build a better bagel
fill up your omelet
Healthy microgreens salad with walnuts and cheese
swap out your salad
vegetarian microgreen
snazz up your sandwich
bacon burger and healthy microgreens
boost your burger
Microgreens and Chickpea-Grilled-Zucchin
transform your tacos
butternut microgreens soup.jpg
spice up your soup
add zip to your pizza
Poke bowl with microgreens_edited.jpg
Microgreen healthy snack.jpg
perk up your poke bowl
 smarten school snacks
Microgreen Sub Sandwich.jpg
pep up your pita
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