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Harvest Microgreens Salad Recipe.JPG
Zen Microgreens Salad Recipe.JPG

power up every day with a burst of flavor & essential vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.

from salads, juices and smoothies

to tacos, burgers, pizza and more...

check out more ideas below to incorporate

new day farms™ microgreens

into any snack or meal.

Click here to share your suggestions for featured recipes... we love to get creative!
top off your eggs
Chickpea-Salad-Microgreen Bagel_edited.j
build a better bagel
fill up your omelet
Healthy microgreens salad with walnuts and cheese
swap out your salad
vegetarian microgreen
snazz up your sandwich
Burger & Healthy Microgreens
boost your burger
Microgreens and Chickpea-Grilled-Zucchin
transform your tacos
butternut microgreens soup.jpg
spice up your soup
Microgreens Pizza
add zip to your pizza
Poke bowl with microgreens_edited.jpg
Microgreen healthy snack.jpg
perk up your poke bowl
 smarten school snacks
Microgreen Sub Sandwich.jpg
pep up your pita
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