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Sunflower Microgreens have a wonderfully fresh flavor with a hint of nuttiness and a crisp, crunchy texture. Our signature product, they are nature's perfect functional food.


The delicate, slightly sweet flavor of Kale is the perfect partner for our nutty sunflower Microgreens.

This mix is a highly nutritious blend filled with antioxidants that makes for a delicious meal, anytime.

SuNFLOWER & Radish

Our popular Sunflower and Radish Microgreens mix  bursts with a flavorful zesty snap. They come with the added health benefit of supporting digestion.


Sunflower & Beet Microgreens are not only sweet and flavorful but are also packed with nutrients and 

vibrant in color.


Kick your meal up a notch with this delicious blend of  nutty Sunflower and aromatic Basil Microgreens. Be bold, put it in your smoothie and your favorite pesto recipes... you won't regret it!


If you like Arugula, you're going to absolutely love our Arugula Microgreens. These little greens will wake up your tastebuds with super 

big flavor!


You already know all the health benefits of Broccoli. Now you can get those concentrated in our delicious Broccoli Microgreens. What makes them even better? Your kids are guaranteed to love them too!

Kale mix

Since our Sunflower & Kale Microgreens are so popular, we thought why not double the fun with a mix of two Kale varieties. Beautiful color, amazing flavor and exceptional nutrition...

Kale Yeah!